Private coaching

The Interview Preparation Training Program with Interview Whisperer Rebecca Cooley 

offers an assessment of your interview skills, executive coaching and mind-body techniques to help you move through intrinsic obstacles, targeted instruction to reduce nervousness and build confidence, mock interview practice with your coach and trainer, feedback and recommendations to help you connect with your interviewers using effective interpersonal communication skills, and instruction on crafting organized targeted responses to difficult interview questions. 


This is a customized program based on your specific interview preparation, communication goals, topics include:

  • Using Proven Relaxation Techniques to Manage Speaking Anxiety

  • Organizing Your Interview Responses

  • Speaking with Clarity and Confidence

  • Reducing Mental Noise while Inteviewing

  • Help with Preparing and Practicing Your "Tell me about yourself" response

  • Persuasive Techniques

  • Developing and Incorporating Anecdotes and Stories into Your

  •       Interview Responses

  • Audience Analysis and Tailoring Your Message to Your Interviewers

  • Authentically Connecting with Your Interviewers, Learning to let go

  •        of “me vs. them” mentality 

  • Feeling and Appearing Comfortable while Interviewing

  • Getting and Keeping Your Interviewer's Attention,

  • Delivering Engaged, Dynamic and Interesting Interview Responses

  • Effectively Preparing for Your Interviews

  • Techniques to Effectively Think on the Spot 

  • Strategies to Smoothly and Succinctly Answering Questions from the Interviewers

  • Using Effective Verbal and Non-verbal techniques during your Interview


The Interview Whisperer's Approach: 
Rebecca combines communication assessments, public speaking training, interpersonal  effectiveness training, interview preparation training, leadership training, consulting, Executive Coaching, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction instruction, Guided Meditation and Relaxation using Mind/Body techniques, a mindfulness-based cognitive  behavioral approach to identifying values and action steps, Compassion-based Coaching, Connecting Authentically Communication Techniques, Goal Achievement Coaching, along with targeted assignments to practice various techniques to help you reach your goals. 



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